Happy Birthday long Messages and wishes

Happy birthday Message

Best wishes to you for this very special, your birthday.

Happy birthday, may you have many years of life, blessed and happy, and may these future days be all of harmony, peace and fulfilled wishes.

May your heart be always in celebration, because you are a being of light and special to me.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a happy birthday!

May your walk be always rewarded with the presence of God, guiding your steps and intuiting your decisions, so that your achievements and victories are constant in your days.

Happy birthday Message

Happy birthday message to a friend: I wish you

I wish you a birthday full of peace…
That the purest feelings
materialize in gestures of kindness,
and love find the doors open
from your heart.
that you can keep from this anniversary
the best memories.
And that everything contributes to your happiness.

Hugs and Happy Birthday!

Wish you an unforgettable anniversary

I wish you happiness, health and love every day, and may this be an unforgettable anniversary. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday message to your loved someone

Happy Birthday! Today is your special day, as completing another year of life is a moment of joy, of celebrating with those you love the most, with those who have a sincere smile and hug to share with you on this festive day.

Open your heart to all your friends, to the joy that is the gift of life, and enjoy it as best you can.

Happy birthday! May life continue smiling and presenting you with the best graces, with lots of love, with great health, friendship and a thousand happiness. I wish you a very happy day and that you can celebrate life today and forever, and celebrate yourself every day of your life.

To my first love, a happy birthday

Today is a very important day; in fact, today is one of the most important days of the year, as this date celebrates the wonderful moment you were born!

And you can’t imagine how grateful and happy I feel for that, because that’s the only way I had the great opportunity to meet and love you.

Happy Birthday my love! With you I discovered a whole universe of new sensations: how nice it is to feel your heart racing for someone else; feel that nervous good when she’s around.

With you I learned how good it is to love and feel equal return for the feeling. You are my first love, and I wish it were eternal.

Happy birthday! I wish you all the best, my love! May you count many, many years, and may I go through them all by your side.

Happy birthday message for mom

I find it amazing to think that I was once inside you, that I grew and formed inside your belly, and that after I was born I was cradled in your loving arms, and that it was your hand that held mine when I tried to give mine. first steps.

Mother, you are my everything, and it is from you that all the strength and beauty that is in me comes from. Your love made me who I am today, so I have a lot to thank and celebrate on this very special day, your birthday.

If a mother’s love is unconditional love, then so is the love of a child who has a mother like you. You are my strongest root, you are my flowering.

I know I’ve asked you for many things in life, your time, your love, your dedication, your guidance and your help. But today, my beloved mother, I just want to thank you for everything you are to me, and wish you an even fuller and happier life, great health and many years of life!

Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you so much!

Happy birthday message to a friend

Happy Birthday my dear friend! Today we’re celebrating in style, with everything you’re entitled to.

Because there is no friend in the world more caring, affectionate and present than you. I don’t remember spending an entire day without your company, for even a short time.

I wish you the same happiness I dream for me. May you complete more years of life, and may we all know how to keep this beautiful friendship of ours, always constant and true as it is today!

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Happy Birthday message to your Princess

Time passes quickly and we are often so busy, living moments, that we end up forgetting that our future depends on it. Live this wonderful phase of your life wisely. Seek new paths, fight for your ideals, show your face of joy or sadness.

But do all of this, knowing that the things we do today, independently
whether they are good or not will have an effect on our tomorrow. So live always in search of what is best for you.

I’ll be hoping that you have a lifetime of many accomplishments and that you get all the things your heart desires. May this birthday bring you a lot of joy. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday (late)

Today, thinking of you, I suddenly remembered that I forgot your birthday! Your day has passed, but I still want to send you my best wishes for a happy birthday along with an apology for being late. I hope you spent a very happy day, where there was no lack of surprises, gifts and lots of smiles.

I’m sorry for forgetting this special date, sometimes during the madness of everyday life, there is so much to do, so much to think about, that we end up forgetting what really matters. Regretting the delay, because you are very important to me, I wish you all the best, many years of life, much peace, health, love and success. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday message for her

Happy Birthday! Today is a day of great joy and celebration, as my love completes another year of life. May happiness, health, peace and success always be part of your days.

Today and always smile for life, be happy with her, because that way she will repay you with many good things. I love you so much and I hope to stay by your side forever, because you are the love of my life!

Happy birthday text message: The day you were born

On the day you were born, the angels of heaven, saddened by your departure, sang harmonious, angelic hymns. It was a farewell between brothers.

Angels with transparent wings, smiling angels, who together played in heaven. The separation hurt, they didn’t want to be away from you, mischievous and happy angel. It was then that they had an idea: in each year of life here on earth, an angel would descend and stay by your side, so each year, one of them would keep you company, taking the opportunity to kill the longing.

The idea was accepted and celebrated by everyone. After that day you were never alone. With each new birthday, an angel descends and stands by your side. Your protection has always been great because nothing is stronger than the purity of the angels.

On your birthday, the day of the changing of the guard, and I would love to be a real angel to stand by your side spreading light and love around you. As I’m not a real angel, I send you my hug, my most sincere affection and my prayers, that your guardian angel may be as enlightened as you!

I wish you a lot of health, a lot of peace and a loooooot of love. May God protect you always. Happy Birthday!

May life fulfill your wishes

Today the day was born radiant with joy and light, as today is your special day. Happy Birthday! I would really like to be with you, to give you my vows in person, and to hold you in my arms.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always allow us to fulfill our wishes, but I hope that you at least fulfill yours today and always, and my wishes for you for a lot of joy, health, love, friendship and success.

Have a beautiful day and a splendid life! wish you all the best, today and forever!

Happy 21st birthday message for best friend

Today, instead of thinking about the numbers, and the age that numbers represent, think about everything that during those years you have lived, learned. Think of all the people you’ve met, all the smiles they’ve put on your face, and all the smiles you’ve snatched from theirs. Think of all dreams dreamed and lived.

Your existence is not a number, but a set of lived, singular, unique moments that only belong to you and that you should cherish and rejoice with. Happy birthday my best friend!

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Happy birthday long text message to a Friend

Dear friend, happy birthday! Today is a day of celebration, today is a day to celebrate another year in the life of someone very important to me and whose friendship brings me great happiness.

Happy birthday, my friend! May life continue to grace you with lots of love, health, success and peace. May today bring you a lot of joy and good surprises. Be very happy, friend of my heart, today and forever!

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Happy birthday text message to your Princess

My princess, today is the most important and most special day of the entire year, as it was on this date that you came into the world and made it richer. Happy Birthday my love!

You are beautiful, affectionate, perfect even in imperfection. You changed my world, brought meaning and made my life a permanent joy. My love for you knows no limits or barriers, and my daily goal is to make you happy.

You deserve everything, and even that is little. I always want to give you everything, and sometimes I’m afraid that even everything won’t come. Congratulations, my princess, my love! I love you so much, and for me being happy means being able to make you happy.

Happy birthday text message to your Son

My son, today I feel joy for you to complete another year of life. But I also feel some concern about your recent attitude, as it has caused me some sadness.

It’s been some time since you became a rebellious, rebellious young man. But my life experience, and above all my love for you, assure me that this is all just a phase.

And I will remain here firm, never giving up on you, to guide or reprimand you when necessary. But mainly to love you always, because you are my son, my boy, and I will love you, understand and support you forever.

Happy birthday, my son! May happiness, common sense, courage and intelligence never be lacking in your life.

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