How to lace jeans: tips to make jeans more comfortable! (DIY)

How to lace up your jeans?

The size of our dummy varies over the years, several factors influence the change in our body, such as anxiety, pregnancy and lack of physical exercise, motivating unexpected weight gain in a short period.

Consequently, we end up losing some pieces of clothing in our wardrobe. As is the case with jeans, however, with a few tips you can make small adjustments and get your tight jeans back.

There’s no need to leave your pants forgotten in the closet because you can’t wear them or go on a diet to wear them again, luckily there are several ways to lace the fabric and adjust it to your body.

Tips on how to lace up your jeans at home:

It is difficult and very uncomfortable to wear tight jeans, but with the help of a few tricks it is possible to enlarge the fabric by a few centimeters so that your jeans can fit again. Here are some tips on how to rip your jeans.

Taking a shower wearing your jeans

The first step will be to fill a bathtub or swimming pool with warm water. It will be necessary to wear the pants, even if they are tight, then enter the water and let the water seep into the fabric, after about 15 minutes you will notice that the pants will be looser.

Start widening by pulling on the tight areas that are bothering you. Do this procedure by stretching with light pulls for a few minutes. Then get out of the tub or pool, and do stretching and squatting exercises to loosen the seams that are tighter.

Drying the pants should be outdoors, do not put them in a dryer, as the whole process will be in vain and the garment will shrink again. When the pants are dry, put the jeans on and do the squatting movements again and you will notice that the piece will be looser and more comfortable to wear.

Sewing with patchwork

If you have sewing skills, a good alternative is to increase the size by sewing fabric scraps. Using just a few materials such as a needle, thread and scissors you will be able to customize the pants and adjust them to the desired size. An extremely creative idea that will make your jeans much more comfortable and unique.

To widen, unsew on the side and sew a strip of fabric. Another very interesting option is to make an elongated triangular opening, this shape will give shape to the hip and more freedom in the movements of the legs. If the pants are tight in the waistband and you can’t close them, make an opening and place a piece of fabric, preferably elastane, as it will be more adjustable to the body.

Exercise with jeans

Although we don’t want it, accidents do happen, if the pants tear when putting them on, use fabric scraps to recover the damaged area of ​​the pants.

Do physical exercises using your pants, this will help to break the jeans. Go out for a ride and go for a ride with your bike, the movement with your legs generates friction, stretching the fabric on the thigh, waist and knee, causing the pants to sag. But be careful if the pants are too tight so you don’t hurt your crotch.

Another option is to do squat exercise at home, this movement helps to stretch and adjust it better to your body. In this method, you will put on your pants and do the squat exercise for at least a minute. The more times you do it, the more the fabric will sag.

Stretching the desired location

With the help of a spray bottle, wet the part of the pants you want to stretch with water. The fabric should be damp, if possible, use 5ml of liquid fabric softener dissolved in water to make it easier and leave the fabric soft and malleable to stretch.

Stretch the pants on the floor and step on one side to hold it. To widen the waist, for example, grab the waistband and pull in different directions. Doing this with the jeans on the body is also a good option. Do this procedure in the parts where you want to widen, and go stretching until you get the desired result.

Do not wash in hot or lukewarm water

What many people don’t know is that it is not recommended to wash jeans too often, this will end up damaging and deforming the jeans. If you want to preserve the shape and mold to the contours of your body, you should avoid washing the jeans especially with hot or lukewarm water, this will cause the fibers of the jeans to contract, causing fading and shrinkage.

Therefore, when it comes time to wash your jeans, it is recommended to wash your garment with cold water and always inside out, which in addition to fixing the color, helps in “sealing” the fiber.

Let it dry on the body

Some jeans manufacturers recommend soaking the jeans and when they are slightly damp, putting them on and letting them dry on your body. That way the jeans keep their shape and adjust perfectly to your body.O.

This is one of the methods used so that you can lace your pants without running the risk of deforming and damaging the fibers of the fabric.

Using force

It is possible to tear jeans using the strength of our hands and arms. Pull in opposite directions stretching the fabric in all tight areas. To lacerate your waist, for example, with your pants unbuttoned, place your bent elbows in the waistband and move your arms in opposite directions, this will cause the fabric to sag.

If the pants are tight around the legs, hold each side with one hand and pull in opposite directions as hard as you can. The pant leg part will be wider and will fit snugly against your body.

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Have a lacey and comfortable jeans!

Gained a few extra pounds? Now you won’t have to worry about giving up those favorite jeans or going on a diet to be able to wear them again. There are different ways that we can use to recover tight jeans.

Following the tips presented in this article, it was easy to rescue your jeans, avoid washing in hot water and drying in a dryer, for example, this will damage the fabric by atrophying the fibers causing shrinkage. As we have seen, there are several simple ways that you can apply them in your daily life and lace your jeans. Choose the method that best suits your body shape.

Use our tips to make your jeans more comfortable!


What are the chains on jeans called?

There are two types of jeans:

1) Crooked Cut

2) Straight Cut

Crooked cut jeans have a curve in the legs and are made by cutting the denim on the leg with a pair of scissors.

Straight cut jeans have a straight leg and are made by threading the denim on the leg with a needle.

The chains on jeans are the metal rings that hold the buttons in place. They are sewn onto the legs of the jeans at the waistband.

How do you fix jeans that are too long without sewing?

This is a really difficult question to answer, because it depends so much on the individual person and their personal style.

The best way is to try on the jeans first and see what works for you. If they are too long then you may want to try on some that are a little longer, or a few that are a bit shorter. Sometimes just adjusting the rise or waist can help you find the right fit.

If you do find that the jeans are still too long then I would definitely recommend having them shortened. This will not only make them fit better but it will also save you money in the long run.

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