How To Naturally Regain Hair Beauty

Dryer, flat iron, sun, wind, chemical treatments… These are some of the factors that take the hair out of life and therefore its beauty. Retrieving your hair strands is not such an easy task. Keeping their beauty isn’t either. It takes time, specific products and a lot of patience for the locks to become impeccable again.

But when it comes to smooth styling and clear curls, all the effort is worth it. Caring for hair is the responsibility of every woman. But in this task, she is not alone. In This article we have some tips to restore the beauty of your hair that will help you to keep your hair shiny and healthy. Let’s dive into it!

Make regular cuts to get rid of dry ends

Signs of aggression to the hair always appear at the ends.In summer, solar radiation exacerbates this problem. Therefore, a good cut is essential to eliminate the problem. In order not to lose length, some people end up using only cutting-edge repair agents (this is also effective because they will deeply moisturize).

But there are cuts that do not take the length of the locks of hair. Therefore, it is worth investing in them, as in addition to maintaining their size, they end up with dry ends at once.

Deep Scalp Cleansing

In order to prepare the hair for a good moisturizing treatment, the hair must be cleaned thoroughly. To do this, use anti-residual shampoo at least once a week, and then use a moisturizing mask. Or, if you want, you can use it once a month. In this case, when moisturizing, please wash your hair with anti-residual shampoo for two consecutive days before this process. This will help more thorough cleaning.

On cooler days, protect your hair!

Even on cooler days where the sun doesn’t show, it’s still casting its UV rays. This type of radiation damages the hair a lot, making them more dry. Therefore, even if the sun does not shine, make use of creams that contain sunscreen to protect your hair. And if they are mainly exposed to the sun, then protection cannot be lacking.

wash your hair less

Excess water on the strands can also dry them out. What happens is that the combination of water with shampoo can remove the natural oil from the hair. Without that oiliness (which is their own hydration) they dry out. Therefore, the locks must be washed every other day. Especially in the summer when the damage is greatest, this rule of thumb must be followed. For dry hair, the use of dry shampoo is recommended.

Pay attention to the scalp

The scalp is a sensitive area. For people with oily hair, they are even afraid to use too much, so as not to produce more oil. But the root skin also needs special care in order to stay healthy. In this regard, invest in specific products that guarantee the control of the substance produced. Because lack of hydration will change the oil balance. With this, the scalp understands the need to produce more oil.

Use products with keratin to repair the damage in your hair

Summer is the time when the threads lose their vitamins the most. To recover them, it is good to use a complete line of keratin-based treatment as soon as this period is over. Always use shampoo, conditioner, styling cream and moisturizing mask with keratin.

But don’t use them for too long. Do this for a month, as excess keratin can also dry out the strands. Also because the line is for treatment, to recover hair and not for continuous use.

Go for a while without using a flat iron and curling iron

In summer, everything is released. This is the best time to take on natural hair. In addition to being beautiful, it is super practical and refreshing during the hottest period of the year. So, leave the flat iron and curling iron a little aside and use your creativity to make beautiful hairstyles. The heat from these utensils can damage the wires and aggravate problems caused by solar radiation. So, let your locks free to breathe a little.

Pay attention to the PH of the water

The Hydrogenionic Potential of the water must also be taken into account when it comes to the health of the locks. The PH of hair is 5.5. That is, slightly acidic. So the water must also have a PH at that level. Otherwise, an imbalance of this index will occur, which can seriously damage the hair. If necessary, use a filter to soften the shower water.

Go to a good hairdresser to revive your hair color

With the aggressions that summer brings to locks such as sun, pool, sea, wind,… The hair color ends up fading if you don’t take care of it very well. So, look for a colorist or a good hairdresser to revive the tone of your hair. After all, no one deserves to enter the new season with their hair all washed out right?! Blond tones should be given special attention. Invest in products such as the famous “purple shampoo” to avoid the color yellowing.

Give hats and scarves a try

In addition to being very charming, leaving the look very stylish and with a super youthful touch, they are great to protect your hair. So the headbands are super hot. Bet on one of these accessories and see which one best suits your style. In addition to devastating the look, your locks will be protected. But we emphasize that they should not be used if the wires are wet. This will contain the moisture and can cause some problems such as increased oiliness, fungus and even falling.

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