How to Wash Clothes: Clear all your doubts and Become an Expert with these Tips

When we start to have more responsibilities at home, that fear of doing everything wrong and ending up ruining things is common. A good example is the fear of the washing machine and the common doubts about how to wash clothes.

It may be that you have already ventured out and ended up missing a piece or two, which left you wondering what you did wrong. Well, surely after this text you will know exactly what to do right! Check out.

General washing tips

Regardless of whether you want to know how to wash clothes in the machine, by hand, how to wash white clothes, how to wash black clothes or how to wash baby clothes, some tips are indispensable in all these cases.

  • Sort clothes by color (white and colored), type (bedding, bath linen, rugs and floor cloths, dish towels and clothing) and level of soiling
  • If anything is stained or grimy, prewash leaving these items to soak
  • Light colored clothes that do not fade and are not too dirty can be washed with white clothes
  • Prefer to wash delicate clothes by hand or, if you have that option, in the gentle mode of the machine
  • Do a test with your new clothes to know if they shed color
  • Use protective bags on your garments that shed fur, lint and polka dots
  • Remove belts, brooches, buttons, buckles and other ornaments
  • Button all buttons and close zippers
  • Check pockets before starting the wash

How to wash clothes in the machine

As you can imagine, each model has its specific rules, so it’s important to read the instruction manual before starting to use your machine. However, here are general tips on washing clothes in a machine:

  • As we said before, in order to know how to wash clothes it is essential that you separate them
  • Choose the wash cycle according to the type of laundry and the level of soiling
  • If your clothes are very dirty, prefer longer and more intensive washing programs
  • A gentle wash is indicated for Baby clothes, delicates and underwear
  • Quick wash is for when clothes aren’t so dirty
  • A good machine washing tip is to wash gym clothes separately as they retain dirt
  • Dilute the laundry detergent and fabric softener before putting them on in the reservoirs
  • Another basic recommendation for those who want to know how to wash clothes in the machine is not to overload it
  • Always select the water level compatible with the amount of clothes

How To Hand-Wash your Clothes

Even having a washing machine at home, from time to time it may be unavoidable to have to wash some items by hand. Whether to remove stains or to clean delicate clothes, it is essential to know how to wash clothes by hand.

For this, you must have specific cleaning products for delicate clothes on hand. In addition, you should also dissolve it in warm or cold water before putting it in contact with your clothes.

Then put the clothes in the container, but not overfilling it, and let them soak. Ah, you know what is essential for those who want to know how to wash clothes by hand? rub them. If you are afraid of hurting your hands, wear rubber gloves. Finally, rinse the parts in cold water.

How to wash white clothes

As we said in the first topic, the first answer for those who ask how to wash white clothes is: separate from the colored ones, especially the dark ones. However, if what you mean when you ask how to wash white clothes is how to remove stains, the answer is also simple, just use bleach or bleach.

In this case, we have a few more tips:

  • Mix two tablespoons of bleach in a liter of water
  • Let the clothes soak for five minutes
  • wash normally
  • let it dry in the sun

If you decide to use another product, read and follow the directions on the package.

How to wash black clothes

To know how to wash black clothes and colored clothes in general, the main thing we have already talked about, which is to separate them from white and light tones. In addition, the pre-wash test to see if the garment is leaking paint is also essential.

By the way, the answer to “how to wash black clothes?” and normally. If you want to keep the color longer – and this tip also works for other colored pieces –, prefer to use cold water when washing.

Avoid these Common Laundry Mistakes

Laundry mistakes are often made by new and inexperienced home owners. Many of them don’t know how to properly care for their laundry.

The following are common laundry mistakes you should avoid:

  • Not using a detergent that is specifically for your fabric type
  • Using too much detergent
  • Not using enough detergent
  • Washing the same clothes multiple times
  • Washing clothes too hot or too cold

How to wash baby clothes

Finally, let’s go to tips on how to wash baby clothes. The same way you do with your clothes, you will have to do with the little ones, so the beginning of everything will be separating the light pieces from the dark ones.

Contrary to what many think about how to wash baby clothes, it is not necessary that it is always done by hand. However, if you are going to use the machine, always wash on delicate mode.

Before putting the clothes in the machine, remove the accumulated dirt and do a quick wash using a glass of bleach or alcohol vinegar. Rinse twice to ensure these products come out. If you are going to use the tank, do this process by hand. And if you want to use basins or buckets, buy new ones and use them just for that.

Still on the topic of how to wash baby clothes, prefer specific products for delicate or baby clothes. Take a look at the packaging and select those that have the dermatologically tested seal.

A classic and very good product for washing baby clothes is coconut soap. Oh, and be careful with overuse of fabric softener, as it can cause allergies.

 Expert Laundry Tip: If you want to make your own cleaning products, know that you can make liquid soap using bar soap.

If the clothes are stained, just spray a prewash stain remover, let it act for a few minutes and then wash them normally. Our last tip is for baby socks: put them in a fabric bag before washing them in the washing machine to avoid losing them.

Do you know any tips on how to wash clothes that we didn’t put here? Leave it in the comments and help other readers!

Frequent asked questions:

What are the different ways to wash clothes?

In this section, we will discuss the different ways to wash clothes.

Washing clothes is a tedious task that can be made more efficient with the help of washing machines and various other appliances. Here are some of the most popular ways to wash clothes.

  • In a washing machine
  • By hand
  • With a bucket and scrubber

How often should you wash your clothes?

If you have a few clothes that are not used regularly, it is important to wash them on a regular basis. If they are not washed and cleaned on a regular basis, the dirt and bacteria can build up over time. Washing your clothes will help prevent the growth of bacteria and other harmful substances that can cause bad odor.

What is the difference between hand washing and machine washing?

Hand washing is done with soap and water while machine washing is done with detergent.

Hand washing is the process of cleaning your hands by rubbing them together with soap and water. This can be done in a sink or near a basin.

Machine washing is the process of cleaning clothes by placing them in a machine that uses detergent to clean them. It can also be done in a dishwasher or laundry machine.

How do you know if your clothes are dirty or not?

Dirty clothes are often caused by the presence of mold and mildew. They can also be caused by a variety of other things such as lack of ventilation, poor cleaning practices, and leaking pipes. The most common way to identify a dirty close is to smell it. If it smells musty or damp, then you know that there’s something wrong with the air quality in your home.

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