Sustainable Clothing Items: 5 Tips for your closet

Never, as now, have environmental concerns been so in vogue. And, in this sense, the need to reduce the ecological footprint translates into a change in the way we consume, especially when we talk about fashion (and also cosmetics). The era of sustainable clothing has arrived.

Yes, in an industry that is one of the most polluting in the world and that, in recent years, has become popular with the growth of fast fashion, it is worth thinking about whether, in fact, we still want to use “disposable” pieces whose production seriously harms , the planet.

Or if, on the contrary, we are going to start rethinking our way of consumption and opting for more sustainable alternatives. What is in fashion is no longer just following trends, but making personal style a trend.

Consequently, and because it’s up to everyone to save the planet, we reveal some tips for a closet with sustainable pieces of clothing that will make you feel beautiful, and with a sense of accomplishment.

5 tips for a closet with sustainable clothing items

01. Prioritize second-hand purchases

More times than we’d like to admit, the clothing life cycle is far from complete once we’ve had enough of it. But, what may no longer work for some, may be the piece desired by others.

In this sense, whenever you want or need a new piece of clothing, check out the vintage and second-hand stores. Real finds are often made at incredible prices and, on the other hand, this is a good way to contribute to reducing pollution caused by the fashion industry.

Conversely, if you have clothes in good condition that you no longer use in your closet, try selling them too.

02. choose timeless clothing pieces

You know that shirt you inherited from your grandmother and you love it? It is synonymous that timeless pieces are excellent acquisitions not only from a style point of view, but also from an ecological point of view. By the way, did you know that this is one of the biggest secrets of women with style?

It’s just that when you buy a classic piece, with a good cut and a neutral color, you’ll wear it over and over again, while avoiding buying new clothes (and contributing to one of the most polluting industries in the world).

Watch the video bellow to get more useful tips on timeless clothing pieces:

03. Trade with friends

Often our best friend has a piece that we adore and vice versa. In such cases, why not lend the sustainable clothing items to each other?

In addition to both being able to create different looks and with “new” pieces, it’s a good way to give life to clothes that, otherwise, could be sitting in the closet.

04. Bet on a capsule wardrobe

The basic idea of ​​making a capsule wardrobe is to have a limited number of pieces for each season that allow for countless different combinations. This will not only make you challenge your creativity, but also make you really use everything you have available in your wardrobe.

In other words, it is a goodbye to the monos that never wear and a more functional way of seeing fashion.

05. Give prefernce to clothes with recycled materials

Nowadays it is possible to perceive, even in fast fashion, a trend towards sustainable clothing made from recycled materials, such as polyester or wool itself. This means that they are more sustainable pieces of clothing and that they emerged from others, avoiding waste.

Check the video bellow and learn more about clothes with recycled materials:

Here are some of the best Sustainable Clothing Brands in 2022:

  • Zara
  • Afends
  • Plant Faced Clothing
  • Ninety Percent
  • Mudjeans
  • Lucy & Yak
  • Emilia George
  • Girlfriend Collective
  • TOMS
  • Patagonia
  • Levi’s
  • Adidas

So if you need to buy new clothes but can’t find anything you like at the thrift store, it’s worth investing in clothes made from recycled materials to keep your closet full of greener clothes.

As you can see, each of us can really make a difference. After all, in a world of limited resources, the time has come to say no to a fleeting and disposable fad.

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