Top 6 beautiful and comfortable high heel boots

High heel boots can indeed be beautiful and comfortable. They are a wardrobe essential and can be quite versatile, make you feel pretty and of course a little taller.

Today, there are many models of boots with heels available on the market, from those that go to the top of the knee to simple ankle boots.

But, the most important thing when choosing a pair that will take you walking until spring (and even later) is to see if they are comfortable. There’s no point in having some pretty boots that you can’t wear because they “wreck your feet”.

That’s why we’ve put together some models that, in addition to being wonderful and versatile, are also comfortable. However, it is very important that, when buying high-heeled boots, you walk around with them at home or in the store for a while, in order to see if you really feel good or not. What is comfortable for some is not necessarily comfortable for others.

How many times has it happened to you to try on boots that your best friend thought were fantastic and the bastards hurt your feet?

Play it safe and try it out. After all, even when shopping online, if you don’t like or don’t feel good with the boots you purchased, you can always exchange or return them.

So, check out our suggestions for nice, comfortable high-heeled boots below and say hello to style in comfort.


01. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Knee High Boots (Amazon link)

Beige boots are by no means the most popular. However, if you’re tired of just having black boots and want to risk stepping out of your comfort zone in terms of style, you can bet on these. Elegant and easy to walk around, they are the ideal choice to complete looks with dresses and skirts. But, of course, you can also wear them with pants if you like.

02. WETKISS Women Snakeskin Bootie (Amazon link)

This year, Snakeskin (fake, of course) is on the rise as one of the season’s strongest trends.
Therefore, betting on ankle boots with this pattern is a good way to join the trend.
The good part is that, if you like it, you’ll be able to use them for several seasons of the year since, tending to, this is a classic pattern.

03. Womens military style boots (Amazon link)

If maximum comfort is your priority when looking for boots that look like you’re walking on clouds, you’ll want these. With military features and front compensation, walking in these boots is almost like walking in slippers they are so comfortable. For everyday use without fear of foot pain.

04. Over the knee boots (Amazon link)

Finding high-heeled over-the-knee boots is not always easy, especially when they are not popular (as happened this year). However, if you like it and want to use it, Asos has many models. We chose low-heeled ones because they are comfortable and beautiful. You can wear them on trousers or with skirts or dresses.

05. Leopard print boots (Amazon link)

The leopard print boot is a trend and these high heel boots are a reflection of that. If you like and are looking for beautiful and comfortable high-heeled boots that give life to the monotonous looks of everyday life, these are a good choice, as it looks like you are walking in sneakers, they are very comfortable.

06. knee high boots (Amazon link)

For a long time, white boots were frowned upon in the fashion world. However, for two seasons now, they managed to steal the limelight and become a trend. Although your moment doesn’t last forever (after all, as much as you like it, you have to recognize that they are far from being timeless), if you like, use it.

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