Wardrobe Models & How to Choose Yours

Do you know all the wardrobe models? Among the most famous on the market, we can highlight the planned, built-in and modulated. Each of them has specific characteristics, which make them better for each room.

Among the many wardrobe models, the planned wardrobe model, for example, is ideal for taking advantage of the four corners of the room, while the built-in is for those who like more personalized and minimalist decorations.

For you to know all the wardrobe models and know which one to use in your home, we have selected the main types of wardrobe in this article and +100 inspirations for you to choose from the best. Check out!

Planned wardrobe model

If you have a small bedroom and need to gain space to store your belongings, then among the wardrobe models available on the market, the ideal wardrobe model for your bedroom is the planned wardrobe.

Unlike many other wardrobe models, the planned wardrobe model is made exclusively in custom furniture stores. There, you will make a project for your wardrobe, according to the measurements of the room and your needs. So, if you need more drawer space or a wardrobe with a built-in dressing table, the wardrobe project will be done that way.

The advantage of investing in the planned wardrobe model is that it takes advantage of all the spaces in your room, ensuring that you have more places to store your clothes and shoes than you would with other wardrobe models, such as the modulated model, for example. example.

With the planned wardrobe model, even the ceiling, above the bed, can be used as a closet to store accessories and household items. Every little space is used to your advantage. In the photo, the project also includes the nightstand and a headboard to ensure that the material of each furniture matched. The result was an impeccable color palette.

As with many other wardrobe models, the only negative point of the planned wardrobe model is the price, which is usually a little more “salty” than the others. As it is completely customized, there is no standard value for planned furniture. The price changes according to the size of the wardrobe and the materials (wood, handles, racks, etc.).

Apart from that, it is one of the wardrobe models that you can use in any room in your home. Double room, single room, children’s room, offices, closets… All types of environments accept these wardrobe models.

Built-in wardrobe model

What are built-in wardrobe models? The built-in wardrobe model is very similar to the planned one. The only difference is that he is more “hidden” in the bedroom. The sliding door comes out from behind the wall, revealing your wardrobe just for you.

In short, among all the wardrobe models, the built-in wardrobe model is an option for those who like clean environments. However, you need to have extra space in the room to do so, as you need to mount the built-in wardrobe model behind a drywall wall, with sliding doors to close it.

An idea to “hide” even more the wardrobe models built into the wall is to use sliding doors with mirror. In addition to being functional, this is one of the wardrobe models that expand the environment and make the decoration even more beautiful.

Modulated wardrobe model

You know those wardrobe models you find on websites and furniture stores? This is the modular wardrobe model.

Of all, the modulated wardrobe model is the most economical and practical. You buy the ready-made model at the store and receive the parts to assemble it at home, in the environment you prefer. It doesn’t gain space in small environments, just like planned wardrobe models do, but it’s an option for you to compose the decoration of your environment in a beautiful and cheap way.

If you don’t have a lot of clothes to store, modular wardrobe models will be perfect for your environment. Buy the model that best matches the decor of the room, with appropriate colors and details (handles), as in the photo above.

You will find modulated in different materials, however, prioritize wooden wardrobe models to ensure that your furniture is more resistant and of quality.

Double wardrobe model

Like other wardrobe models, the double wardrobe model must have enough space for all the couple’s belongings. So don’t just prioritize what is essential to have in your wardrobe, but your partner’s as well.

Of all, the double wardrobe model is the one that most needs to have drawers, hangers and options for you to store everything you need in the bedroom. Therefore, it is worth choosing between one of the wooden wardrobe models to ensure that everything will be in the right place for the couple.

To gain space, take the opportunity to make planned wardrobes with a shoe rack, so you can store shoes in an organized way. The large double wardrobe is perfect for storing everything you need on a daily basis, so bet on it without fear.

Wardrobe models: wire closet

Is money tight? So it’s worth investing in wardrobe models made of wire closet. It’s a way to bet on DIY and have a mega personalized decoration, according to your daily needs.

In some wardrobe models, you can mix modular furniture with wire to create a more personalized decoration for your room, as done in the photo above.

What is the best color for wardrobe?

Ideally, the color of the wardrobe matches other furniture in the room. In this case, the headboard, the nightstand and the dresser need to match each other.

In the case of the planned wardrobe, this is easier to achieve, as all the furniture is made with the same design and colors.

When in doubt, choose the white wardrobe, which is one of the best to combine with other colors and styles in the decoration. It’s worth doing a planned wardrobe simulation to get an idea of how other colors look in your environment.

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