What is the meaning of the name Kira?

Meaning of the name Kira

Kira: It means “lady”, “who has full authority”, “beam of light”, “black”.

The female name Kira has several origins, including Russian, Greek and Sanskrit.

Through Russian, Kira is the female form of Kir, the Russian version of the name Ciro that was originated from the Greek Kyros, which means “lord, who has full authority”. By extension, the name Kira has the meanings of “lady” and “who has full authority”.

It may also have arisen as an English variant of the word Ciara, the feminine form of the Irish name Ciar, which means “black, dark”.

Another possibility of origin is Sanskrit, being considered the feminine version of Kiran, which means “beam of light”.

Kira is also a Japanese name and surname meaning “sparkling” or “shining”.

The name Kira mainly appears in Russia, and the Kyra, Keyra and Keera versions are also popular in some other parts of the world.

The name Kira gained greater popularity around the world through the manga and anime Death Note. In the story, Kira is a title attributed to people who use the Death Note, a supernatural notebook used by protagonist Light Yagami.

Origin of the Name Kira

OriginGreek, English, Japanese, Russian, Irish
GenderFemale name
written backwards: Arik
Some Informations about the japanese name Kira

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