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Nothing Kills My Desire For Sex Faster Than A Man Acting Like A Whiny Brat

Tired of partners who act like sulking teenagers? Discover why nothing kills my desire for sex faster than a man acting like a whiny brat.

Victoria Reign
Victoria Reign
Oct 02, 20232.5K Shares69.5K Views
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  1. The Whiny Syndrome - No More Mr. Nice Guy
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  3. Moping Won't Make Me Melt
  4. The Ridiculous Hypocrisy
  5. The Entitlement Complex
  6. The Perfect Bang Maid - Desire Dilemma
  7. Manipulation And Coercion
  8. Sex Is Not A Prize
  9. A Woman's Perspective
Nothing Kills My Desire For Sex Faster Than A Man Acting Like A Whiny Brat

You know what grinds my gears like nothing else?

It's something that can turn me from simmering with desire to ice-cold indifference in the blink of an eye - man acting like a whiny brat.

I mean, seriously, nothing kills my desire for sex faster than having to deal with a grown man throwing a tantrum like a toddler. It's frustrating, and it's a mood killer like no other.

The Whiny Syndrome - No More Mr. Nice Guy

Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty.

Picture this: You're in a relationship, everything's hunky-dory, and then it happens. Out of the blue, your partner, who you love and care about, is constantly moping because he's not getting as much sex as he'd like and starts acting like a whiny brat. Yes, a whiny brat!

You try to explain that, no, women aren't horny 24/7, and that you've got a million things on your mind. But the moping just keeps happening, and it's exhausting.

Listen up - women have sexual desires too. But there's a colossal gap between a healthy longing for intimacy and the ludicrous expectation that you should be readily available for your partner's sexual needs around the clock.

Sexy 24/7 Uniform

You know what ticks me off?

It's when my partner mopes around like a sulking teenager just because I'm not in the mood for sex 24/7. It's infuriating, to say the least.


Because I'm not some robot designed solely for his sexual entertainment. I'm a real person with my own life, feelings, and desires, and I exist for more than just being their personal source of sexual pleasure.

The worst part is that this moping is usually accompanied by this ridiculous expectation that I should be "sexy" all the time.


Newsflash, folks - women aren't perpetually horny creatures. We have our own rhythms and moods, just like men do.

It's not like we wake up in the morning thinking, "Oh, let me put on my sexy 24/7 uniform today."

One of my partners had the audacity to comment on what I wore around the house, claiming it wasn't "sexy" enough. Meanwhile, he'd lounge around in a t-shirt that had more holes than Swiss cheese and cargo shorts that looked like they'd seen better days.

The sheer hypocrisy was mind-boggling!

So, I decided to challenge him. I said, "Alright, let's make this fair and reciprocal. You wear and do what you think is sexy, just like I will. Get yourself into a suit, give me a sensual massage, and show me what you've got."

And you know what happened?


He couldn't even come close to living up to his own standards. It was all talk, no action.

He's got this knack for moping - and I mean, he's a world-class moper! He moped more often than I change my socks!

Ohhh, and he was dead sure that there are these mythical "girls" out there who are in a perpetual state of horniness.

Like, seriously?

I've tried explaining this to him a gazillion times - life changes, priorities shift, and sometimes, you're just plain knackered. Back when I was 20-23, sure, things were different.

We were young, wild, and free, with time to spare and no kiddo to worry about. So yeah, maybe I was hornier back then.

Shocking, right?

Moping Won't Make Me Melt

Let me be crystal clear: the incessant moping is a surefire method to decrease my desire even further.

Who in their right mind wants to engage in pity sex just to appease a mopey man?

It's a total mood killer!

Here's a suggestion for him: instead of being a sore sucker, why not take me out for a date and try being romantic? Do something genuinely nice for a change.

Remember this pal: I'm a human being, not a sex doll!

It may sound blunt, but I don't owe him or anyone else sex. If he's craving more, well, he's got a pair of hands for that.

His "urges" are not my responsibility, plain and simple.

Furthermore, pushing boundaries until I give in is not informed consent. It's a blatant disregard for my personal limits and a sign of disrespect for me as an individual.

So if he wants a healthy, respectful, and fulfilling sexual relationship, he needs to ditch the moping and start treating me like a partner, not an object for his pleasure.

The Ridiculous Hypocrisy

It's absolutely baffling how certain men can complain about not getting enough sex while also displaying a repulsive disregard for anything beyond their own desires. It's as if they believe that selfishness is the epitome of sex appeal.

Fitness Follies - Dough Or Bricks?

You know, it's become painfully clear that there's no such thing as a middle ground when it comes to exercise for some of these gentlemen.

On the one hand, we've got the couch potatoes, the ones who put in precisely zero effort to stay fit. Hugging them feels like molding raw dough - not exactly an arousing sensation, I must say.

On the other hand, we have the gym fanatics, those who take "pumping iron" to a whole new level. Embracing them is like cuddling a brick wall, and trust me, it's not as enticing as it sounds.

Can we just find a happy medium here, fellas?

Butthole Basics

Hold onto your seats for this revelation: there are actually grown men out there who don't seem to grasp the concept of washing their butts properly! It's as if they believe a magical soap fairy takes care of the nether regions.

Seriously, gentlemen, basic hygiene isn't exactly rocket science...

Wardrobe Woes

Ever notice how some men wear the same "nice" shirt on every single date? It's like they've got a one-item wardrobe. It's as if they have a secret pact with that shirt to keep it in the spotlight.

Variety, anyone?

Oral Oblivion

Flossing, anyone?

Apparently, for some guys, it's an alien concept. It's as if they believe that dental hygiene is nothing more than an urban legend.

The result?

Breath that could knock a person off their feet and a smile that could make you question your life choices. Not exactly the ideal recipe for romance, right?


And then there's the issue of smelling horrible. Come on, guys, that's just unfair to our noses. Personal hygiene is a simple way to show consideration for the person you're with.

Communication Catastrophe

Image this: a relationship with a man who communicates like a caveman.

Grunts and monosyllabic responses are the norm, and it's infuriating. In reality, relationships thrive on open, honest, and respectful communication.

It's not too much to ask for a meaningful conversation, right?

Affection Misconceptions

And last but not least, the grand misconception that every affectionate touch should inevitably lead to intercourse.

Let's set the record straight, shall we?

Sometimes, a hug is just a hug, a kiss is just a kiss, and intimacy doesn't always have to be the final destination. There's a whole world of physical affection that doesn't involve a one-track mind.

The Entitlement Complex

Here's where things get interesting.

It's not just about the moping; it's about the entitlement that often comes with it. Some men seem to believe that they're owed sex simply because they're in a relationship.

They'll even compare their partners to other women, convinced that someone else out there is more "available."

This entitlement isn't just misguided; it's flat-out toxic. Sex isn't a right you can demand; it's an intimate, consensual experience that both partners should enthusiastically engage in. No one should ever feel coerced into providing it on demand.

Maintaining a relationship is an ongoing effort, not a one-time purchase!

I've seen this entitled behavior not only in straight relationships but also in queer ones.

For example, my brother-in-law had the audacity to objectify my brother in front of me, suggesting I shouldn't even be looking at "his man's body" when all I wanted to know was where he bought a t-shirt. It's a t-shirt, for crying out loud.

And my own brother?

He's stuck with a controlling husband who constantly complains. It's a never-ending cycle of frustration.

Honestly, if some of these guys had more than a part-time job, maybe they'd be too tired to pout and whine about their lack of action in the bedroom. Because let me tell you, these men who pout?

They're not just ridiculous; they're downright unattractive. Their sulking kills any desire I might have had before they even opened their mouths to complain.

UGH, indeed!

The Perfect Bang Maid - Desire Dilemma

I remember the relationship where I felt like nothing more than a "defective bang maid." It was as if my purpose in his life was solely to fulfill his sexual desires, and nothing else mattered.

No dates, no quality time, no meaningful conversations - just demands and video games. It made me feel invisible and utterly unappreciated.

If the night didn't end with sex, he'd explode into this grotesque man-rage!

You know, the kind where they turn beet red, sputter bits of spittle, and act like the world's ending. Or he'd flip to the opposite extreme and sob hysterically, accusing me of being heartless. It's like they forget how to be adults and resort to these cringe-worthy tantrums.

Honestly, mantrums are the absolute worst. I mean, come on, you're a grown man!

You should've figured out by now that throwing a fit when things don't go your way is not just unsexy; it's downright repulsive.

Who in their right mind would be turned on by that kind of behavior?

It's the ultimate mood-killer, and anyone who acts like that definitely deserves a drought in the bedroom.

And don't even get me started on that birthday incident. I went out of my way to make it a special day for him, and the least he could have done was show some understanding and gratitude.

Instead, he chose to be annoying and whiney about not getting what he wanted. Yeah, that kind of behavior doesn't exactly inspire a passionate night of lovemaking.

Ugh, indeed. It's high time these guys learned how to behave like adults and understand that love and intimacy are about so much more than just sex.

Respect, appreciation, and communication should be the foundation of any healthy relationship, not temper tantrums and entitlement.

All this moping and pressure ends up killing any genuine desire for intimacy. When you know your partner is going to sulk or make the experience unpleasant, it's a surefire way to put a damper on your own desire.

I've heard countless stories from women who've experienced this madness. It turns into a never-ending cycle where women feel like they have to fend off advances rather than welcoming them with open arms.

Manipulation And Coercion

Hold on, because it gets darker!

Some guys take this to a whole new level and resort to emotional manipulation. They might give you the silent treatment, guilt-trip you, or even get downright angry to get their way.

This kind of behavior is not just emotionally draining; it's revolting. Feeling coerced into sex is the polar opposite of genuine desire. It creates a toxic dynamic that corrodes intimacy and emotional connection.

See, one of my exes was the king of initiating sex, only to transform into a world-class sulker when I dared to say I wasn't in the mood. I'd try to explain, I'd try to compromise, but no, he'd unleash the silent treatment.

But here's the kicker, the real eye-opener - in those rare moments when I felt like taking the initiative, he pulled a 180 and rejected me. He said it was "weird" that I was making the move.

Weird? Seriously?

Turns out, when your partner's behavior starts resembling a rollercoaster of emotions and guilt-tripping, it's time to hop off that ride. It's like my body was trying to send me smoke signals, waving frantically, and I just kept ignoring them.

Looking back, I'm convinced he got a kick out of thinking he could control me. You know, made me feel like I was a lousy partner because I couldn't fulfill his every desire. And then, icing on the cake, he'd make me feel like a total buzzkill when I tried to initiate anything.

So, when was the last time I really wanted HIM?

I'm not talking about the sex; I mean, when did I genuinely look at him and think, "Hey, you're a pretty great dad, partner, and just all-around human being to be with?" That's the real question, isn't it?

I remember how he'd use these tactics to pressure me into doing things I didn't want to do. It was like my boundaries didn't matter to him. And let me tell you, those experiences were excruciatingly painful, both physically and emotionally.

It took me a while to realize that what he was doing was wrong. It was only after we broke up, and I had some time to reflect, that I understood the gravity of it all.

I want to scream from the mountaintops that coercion should never be normal in any relationship!

No one owns your body, and you have the right to set your boundaries and have them respected. We need more awareness about this issue so that others don't suffer in silence.

If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, please know that you don't have to endure it. Seek help, talk to a counselor, confide in someone you trust, and know that you deserve a relationship built on respect, trust, and genuine consent.

Sex Is Not A Prize

Let's be clear: sex is not a favor, a prize, or something to be entitled to.

The phrase "get sex" just rubs me the wrong way. It's a two-person activity, meant to be enjoyed when both partners are in the mood and enthusiastically willing to participate.

Unfortunately, some individuals behave as though they've been denied a cookie after being good boys all day when their partners aren't in the mood. This attitude is both disrespectful and wrong. Intimacy is about mutual desire, not entitlement.

I've had my fair share of encounters with guys who thought they were owed my body and sexual favors whenever they pleased. It's really annoying when someone expects you to perform on demand but doesn't bother to reciprocate.

I remember one particularly abusive and manipulative ex who fit this description perfectly. If I ever declined sex or oral sex for a reason, like being exhausted from a late shift at the restaurant, he would tantrum like a spoilt child. His sense of entitlement was nauseating, and it made me want nothing to do with him.

In the end, I dumped his sorry behind, and it was a decision I didn't regret for a second.

A Woman's Perspective

So, let's wrap this up with a big dose of reality. The moping over sex isn't just a mood killer; it's a relationship destroyer. Partners, especially men, need to get it through their heads that sex should never be demanded or coerced and stop acting like a whiney brat.

Ladies, remember this: you are never, and I mean NEVER, obligated to provide sex on command. Healthy relationships are built on consent, emotional connection, and mutual understanding of each other's boundaries.

It's not the quantity of sex that matters, but the quality of connection between partners that truly makes intimacy satisfying.

So, don't let anyone kill your mood or your authority in the bedroom!

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